Fine- and medium-grained granular activated carbons are mainly used for water treatment. A high-quality granular activated carbon should of course have the longest possible service life. This is guaranteed by an activated carbon with high activity and high density. 

For the removal of large molecules, such as organic color molecules, a highly activated charcoal or chemically activated carbons are being used. Some of our activated carbons are considered as standard in the food industry. Additionally low ash and low moisture content ensure that the activated carbon contains as much carbon and thus truly effective substance.

Silcarbon activated carbons exhibit these properties. The following analytical values ??for our granular activated carbon type Silcarbon K835 typically are: 

  • Bulk density: 500 g / l
  • Ash content: 3%
  • Water content: 5%
  • Iodine number: 1.050 mg / g

The iodine number is a measure for the activity of an activated carbon. This means that an activated carbon with high iodine number can adsorb more pollutants than one with a lower iodine number. Thus, activated carbon with a high iodine number has the advantage of a longer service life. Activated carbon made from coconut shells, can be produced with high activity without becoming soft or brittle. Silcarbon activated carbons with iodine values ??of at least 1000 or 1200 mg / g belong to our standard products. 

Another important quality parameter of an activated carbon is the methylene blue adsorption or methylene blue number.  Through a special activation process Silcarbon activated carbons show both high iodine numbers ??and also high methylene blue adsorption values. For some applications it is meaningful to work with a lower iodine number, but a higher methylene blue adsorption capacity. For such applications, especially activated carbons based on coal are suitable. We recommend to discuss your application with one of our Silcarbon application engineers to select the optimal product.  

Additional Information: 
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