Activated carbon J42 

For the removal of hydrogen sulfide activated carbon filters can successfully be applied, since these are used for fine desulfurization and the H2S content can be reduced up to 0 ppm. For the biogas desulphurization, especially iodine impregnated activated carbons are used. The oxidation of the hydrogen sulfide is carried out by the reaction products of this impregnation. In oxygen-free gases, this reaction mechanism does not take effect. For all gas cleaning with impregnated activated carbons, it is important to note that the chemical reaction with the impregnated substances requires a significantly longer contact time, which can be around two seconds or even higher, while pure adsorption processes take place in tenths of a second.

SILCARBON J42 is an iodine-impregnated 4 mm pelletized activated carbon to remove H2S from exhaust air in biogas, sewage and landfill gas as well as in all other applications where hydrogen sulfide occurs. Loading capacities of up to 100 wt.% are theoretically possible. In practice depending on the H2S concentration and depending on possible co-adsorption of well adsorbable organic substances loadings of about 15- 80 wt% sulfur are found.  Basically, our J42, due to a special impregnation, still has free adsorption surfaces and can thus adsorb siloxanes or other organic substances from the gas stream.

Advantages for the operator: 

• very good use/cost ratio 
• high loadings due to the bulk density of the activated carbon (515 kg/m³) 
• energy cost reduction through the gas processing (gas drying and cooling) 
• short delivery times 
• direct delivery to customers 
• manufacturing in various pellet sizes and iodine impregnations 
• delivery as per customer request 
• complete service of activated carbon exchange by Silcarbon, if desired 
• high degree of efficiency and availability of filter units 
• longer maintenance intervals 
• less down time due to breakdowns 
• longer life of equipment and motors 
• protection of plants and catalysts

Conditions for use: 

For optimum chemisorption of hydrogen sulfide with Silcarbon J42, the following conditions must be met:

• Contact Time 2 - 5 seconds 
• Temperature 20 -50 ° C 
• Linear flow rate: 0.3 m / s 
• Oxygen content in gas: at least 0.2 to 0.5 vol% 
• Rel. humidity: <90%